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Hill Strategies Come to Yadkin County Schools

Hill Strategies Come to Yadkin County Schools
By Tiiu Kai Garrett
Through several donated funding sources, the Yadkin County Schools Exceptional Children’s
Department is very excited to announce its Hill Reading Achievement Program (HillRAP)
training for all K-6 EC teachers throughout the county. The Hill Center of Durham provides
strong literary instruction to struggling learners. The training and rollout will be over the next
two years.
Yadkin will have the following allocated to this initiative free of charge: two years of coaching
and 5 iPads for each teacher (which comes to 50 iPads at this time, with a total of 90 iPads over
the course of the next two years).
Additionally, all classrooms where HillRAP learning occurs will be outfitted with sufficient
bandwidth and wireless connectivity to support the HLS app. Implementation will occur via the
proprietary Hill Learning System (HLS) app and HillWrite during the current school year.
Two high performing HillRAP teachers will be identified and complete HillRAP level one
certification, to then pursue the next level certification during the 2018-2019 school year.
Denise Morton of Hill Center has this to say: ”It is with a great deal of excitement that The Hill
Center has forged a partnership with Yadkin County Schools to provide training and support in
the area of literacy with our Hill Reading Achievement Program. Yadkin County Schools is a
perfect partner: highly engaged, responsive and they want the best instruction possible for their
most struggling readers. The involvement from Superintendent Todd Martin, to his very
professional Central Office staff and elementary principals, has been outstanding. I could not ask
for a better school district to partner with to help improve literacy efforts.”
Kristi Gaddis, Director of Student Services, Yadkin County Schools, is equally excited. “We are
elated to have this research-based instruction made available to our students. What makes this
stand out from all the other instructional techniques is their seamless merging of research-based
reading and technology. Our teachers are able to instruct students on their individual levels all at
the same time through the use of the app. The exceptional students of Yadkin County Schools
are receiving the best reading instruction available!”
To learn more about the Hill RAP reading program click here: