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Yadkin County Schools uses the WIDA English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards assessment system to guide the work of its ESL program. North Carolina is one of 35 states to adopt this model and use its foundation for English Learner (EL) instruction and assessment.  

Home Language Surveys are used to identify students for testing with either the W-APT or WIDA Screener test. These tests aid in the identification and placement of an EL into the ESL program.  After being assessed, the ESL teacher determines whether the EL: will receive direct ESL instruction, will be placed on transition, or does not qualify for services.

Students classified as EL are assigned levels of language ability according to results on the W-APT or WIDA Screener in four domains of instruction: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. The student’s core teachers are informed of the student’s performance levels so that they can use the appropriate modifications, skills, and best practice strategies beneficial to that student throughout the year.

Each EL will continue to be assessed annually in the spring with the K-12 ACCESS for ELs test until the student scores fluent in English.

When EL students do enroll into the program, parents are notified of the services by several different options:

  • The school-based ESL teacher
  • A YCS interpreter
  • Written information with interpretations as available

My Child is an EL: A Parent's Guide (English)

My Child is an EL: A Parent's Guide (Español)


EL Identification Criteria