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Homebound Services

Yadkin County Schools utilizes N.C. certified teachers to support the instructional needs of students medically restricted from attending school.


  • Homebound teachers support students academically through assignments/textbooks and online materials provided by students classroom teachers. They provide the following:
    • instructional assistance in the home or public library
    • assist students with new assignments
    • review of skills and concepts presented in the classroom
    • return completed assignments for grading by the classroom teachers
  • Students eligible for homebound instructional services must meet the following criteria:
    • Be enrolled in a Yadkin County Schools
    • Experience absences that exceed four consecutive weeks of school
    • Present a medical necessity prohibiting full-time school attendance
    • Have written verification of a medical necessity is required from physician providing the medical care for each nine week grading period
    • The medical provider must provide the reason(s) for absence and the anticipated date of returning to school
    • Partial school attendance is encouraged to minimize the social and academic impact of extended school absence
  • Important things to remember before you request to enroll your child in our homebound program:
    • Homebound instruction cannot replicated classroom instruction
    • Homebound teachers do not assign or grade student work
    • Homebound is not available for students with brief absences of less than 20 consecutive days
    • The school may limit the number of courses students can take during homebound as they miss all classroom instruction for the course taken
    • The classroom teachers remain the primary contact and are the teacher of record authorized to evaluate student progress and assign grades