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The Yadkin County Board of Education recognizes the valuable contributions which school volunteers can make to the learning process and educational goals of the school district.  Instructional programs are enhanced through the participation of community members, local business and industry, and parents of the students. These volunteers contribute time, resources, and expertise and provide needed support to help ensure educational success for all children.


Persons can volunteer at three levels, 1, 2, or 3. 


Level 1:  Volunteer activity does not include direct contact with or supervision of students.

Examples may include clerical work at home, telephone volunteer, or beautification volunteer. Level 1 requires principal approval.


Level 2:  Volunteer activity includes direct contact with and controlled access to student under the supervision of the professional staff. Examples may include lunch buddies, proctors, or in-class volunteers in a group setting. Level 2 screening requires principal approval and review of the national sex offender registry.


Level 3: Volunteer activity includes direct contact with and supervision of students. Examples may include reading buddies, instructional volunteers, before or after school tutors, or field trip chaperones.  Level 3 screening includes principal approval, review of national sex offender registry and a criminal background check.


Volunteers shall notify the Yadkin County Schools Human Resources Department if they are arrested for, charged with or convicted of a criminal offense other than a minor traffic violation. Failure by a volunteer to provide timely notice may lead to the volunteer being barred from volunteering at all levels.


If the school system learns that an individual is a registered sex offender, this individual will be barred from volunteering at all levels.


Volunteers, whose prior history, including criminal history may demonstrate a need to deny participation in Level 3 activities. A volunteer applicant will be notified of the decision to deny access or clearance and the reasons therefore by the Superintendent’s Office.


           Volunteers are to be held to professional standards for maintaining the confidentiality of student records. The Principal or his/her designee will advise volunteers on the issues and importance of confidentiality of student information. Volunteers shall not be granted access to a student’s education record other than directory information. Volunteers should accept the fact               that all children learn differently and at different rates. Volunteers should regard all information concerning children, teacher, and school as confidential. Volunteers should not discuss student information with anyone outside of the school.