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Covid-19 Resources

Establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment for staff and students is the top priority for the Yadkin County Schools system. Below are resources available to our schools and communities regarding COVID-19, including information about the disease and ways in which we can work together to help prevent its spread.
Yadkin County Schools Case Count Dashboard
Student and staff case count data is provided for all schools within the Yadkin County Schools system. This information will be updated each Friday. Please note: students and staff who are "isolated" have tested positive for COVID-19.  Beginning Friday, February 25th, students and staff who are designated as "exclusions" are those who have been excluded from school for exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.  The YCS Schools Case Count Dashboard can be found here.
Yadkin County Schools Daily Positive Case Count Dashboard
With the recent changes to the Strong Schools NC Toolkit, Yadkin County Schools will report the number of new positive cases daily.  The YCS Positive Cases Dashboard can be found here.
Handling Possible, Suspected, Presumptive or Confirmed Positive Cases of Covid-19 and Potential Exposures
Yadkin County Schools will be utilizing the Handling Possible, Suspected, Presumptive or Confirmed Positive Cases of Covid-19 and Potential Exposures document for guidance regarding positive cases, suspected positive cases and potential exposures of Covid-19.  This document is released by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and was previously in the StrongSchools NC Public Health Toolkit.  The procedures and protocols being followed at the end of the 2022 school year have not changed. 
StrongSchoolsNC Public Health Toolkit
On June 24, 2022, the NCDHHS released a statement that it had "sunset the StrongSchoolsNC Public Health Toolkit .  The department issued supplemental materials to assist schools in planning for the 2022-2023 school year.  They can be found in the released statement here.
Diagnostic Testing Program Consent Formhttps://testcenter.concentricbyginkgo.com/minor-consent/
The Diagnostic Testing Program allows students who become symptomatic at school to receive a PCR test with parental consent.  If you would like your student to be able to participate in this program you may give consent at any time.  We encourage parents/guardians to do this now so that when the need arises there will be no delays in testing their student.  The student will not be tested without notifying the parent/guardian before the test is given.  

Boonville Elementary- BES2022

Courtney Elementary- CES2022

East Bend Elementary- EBES2022

Fall Creek Elementary- FCES2022

Forbush Elementary- FES2022

Forbush Middle- FMS2022

Forbush High- FHS2022

Jonesville Elementary- JES2022

Starmount Middle- SMS2022

Starmount High- SHS2022

West Yadkin Elementary- WYES2022

Yadkinville Elementary- YES2022

Yadkin Early College- YEC2022

Yadkin Success Academy- YSA2022

School Based Screening (SBS) Program
Our new School Based Screening Program will begin on Monday, February 21.  Parents/guardians who would like their student to be screened for Covid-19 after an exposure, can fill out the consent form for your student’s school (see below).  Once the form is completed, your student will be given a rapid antigen test on days three and five after exposure.  The results will be reported back to you the same day.  These results will also be reported to the local health department.
Communicable Disease Pay Leave Form
Employees who test positive may request a letter from the health department of their county of residence to receive communicable disease pay in lieu of using sick days when they are isolated or excluded.  Residents of Yadkin County may request this letter using the Google Form provided by the Yadkin County Health Department.
Cloth Face Coverings
Cloth face coverings are meant to protect other people in case the wearer is unknowingly infected but does not have symptoms. Effective February 21,2022, face coverings are optional for all students and staff while indoors on school grounds.  Below is some additional information regarding cloth face coverings.
Protecting Vulnerable Populations
Some individuals are considered "high risk" for developing severe illness due to COVID-19. Click here for more information about high-risk and vulnerable populations.
General COVID-19 Information and Resources
Below are links to several websites and documents that can be used by families, schools, and the community to raise awareness about general health and safety during the current health crisis.