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Introduction To Driver Education




Driver Education is available to all students, whether public, private, charter or licensed home school within the YadkinCountySchool district.


***Non-public school students must take Driver Education in the school district that surrounds their school.***


All students must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct for Yadkin County Schools or they will face possible dismissal from the Driver Education program.


If an individual wants a driving license before the age of 18 years old, the state of North Carolina requires that the student successfully completes thirty (30) hours of classroom instruction followed by six (6) hours of behind- the-wheel training.


Students are strongly encouraged to register for the classroom phase as soon as they become eligible. Every effort will be made for students to receive behind- the-wheel training by their 15th birthday. Students who choose to wait to take the class at a later date will be served as space is available. Once the student has passed the classroom phase, they will be put on a driving list by chronological order.


Classes are offered throughout the school year and in the summer. To register for a class, contact the high school in your school district or log onto the YadkinCountySchool web site for available dates and times. A minimum of 30 students is required to conduct a class.


Classroom Requirements


  • Students must arrange transportation to and from classroom.
  • Students must be picked up promptly. No loitering on campus.
  • Classroom requirements must be successfully completed with a minimum average of 70 or above.
  • Students are required to attend all classes. No tardiness or early dismissal is allowed for any class. Students must be in class the full session to receive credit for that day.
  • Attendance issues/emergencies should be discussed with the teacher for make-up time and work. A student will not be allowed to mix and match classes from different sessions. If a student drops a class or does not show up, they will not be able to retake the class until space is available. If a student has plans that conflict with class attendance, they should wait and take another class.
  • Students will not be scheduled for behind- the-wheel training until all work is completed
  • During the classroom phase, the parent/guardian must sign a Restricted Permit form. All information must be complete before the scheduled eye exam from the Division of Motor Vehicles representative.
  • A DMV examiner will conduct an eye exam for all students who have completed the Restricted Permit form. Students absent on the day of the eye check must wait until the next scheduled session when the DMV examiner returns. If a student fails the eye exam given at school, they will be issued an 804 form to be completed by a Vision Specialist. This form must be returned to the Driver Education teacher or the school office before the student can be scheduled for behind- the-wheel training.


Behind The Wheel Training Requirements


After a student has successfully completed all classroom requirements, every effort will be made to contact parents and students to schedule the behind- the-wheel training. Students may be driven after school, before school, on Saturdays, or during vacation days. Students will be driven from oldest to youngest and according to the date of classroom phase completion. There is a possibility a younger student may be driven first if an older student could not be located or could not drive on the requested date. Make sure all student phone numbers are current. Students should notify their Driver Education teacher of any change of address, phone number, or transfer to another school. The driving teacher will provide dates, times, and location where the student is to meet the

teacher, and other additional information when they contact the student to make driving arrangements.